Development roadmap

G940 LED Control has grown quite a bit since I first decided to release it to the public, and the feedback has been amazing.

A few limitations have been bothering me though, so while the current 0.x line continues I’ve started work on version 1.0. I can’t say when it will be released, but I do plan to post updates as the work progresses.

As a teaser, here’s some features I have planned:

Multiple profiles

While I haven’t found a way yet to determine the state of the G940’s Mode Switch automatically, being able to quickly switch between profiles will make it easier.

Configurable states

In the 0.x versions, if you choose “Gear”, the LED colours are determined by G940 LED Control and can not be changed. In version 0.5, this led to two functions for the same state (auto-pilot); one for green/red, one for amber/off.

With configurable states you’ll be able to assign colours yourself. This means that you can set the gear’s “Retracted” state to Green¬†instead of red, and the “Exceeded speed” state to Slow flashing green instead of flashing amber if you like.


I am very excited by the upcoming changes and I’d love to hear your feedback. Expect the first work-in-progress screenshots soon!

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