Version 1.0.8

This version adds the Pitot heat functions by request.

In addition to a basic “Pitot heat on/off” function I have also added a version which includes warnings. These are determined by the amount of ice formed on the pitot system, and will, by default, blink amber and ultimately red. Turning on the heat will stop the blinking and return the light to green once the ice has melted.

Get it from the download page!

Pitot heat

Version 1.0.7

This version adds two new functions by request; Throttle and ATC Visibility.

The Throttle function supports Off, Partial and Full, but is most useful for the Reverse state.

ATC Visibility was an interesting one, as SimConnect does not have a way to detect if the ATC window is visible or not. As a workaround, G940 LED Control will try to find a Flight Simulator view matching the title ‘ATC Menu’. For this reason it is marked as experimental: it may not work with translated versions of Flight Simulator X, and most likely does not work at all with Prepar3D.

Get it from the download page!