Tail wheel lock and Water rudder have been added as new button functions.

Additionally, the search functionality on the button configuration screen has been fixed; the scrollbar now updates properly (no longer causing the list to appear empty), the selection is updated automatically based on what’s visible and the up/down keys can be used to change the selection.

Update added two more functions, ‘Float (left)’ and ‘Float (right)’, to show if floats are extended or retracted.

Get it from the download page!

4 thoughts on “Version

  1. hi, would it be possible to add carb heat to the buttons?
    thanks for your effort putting into this software. that’s the only one that works best for me and gives most of the functionality in an easy way!

    • Hi flo,

      Thanks for the feedback! You can achieve this by selecting the “Engine anti-ice” function for the button. I agree that the naming could be better, so I’ve renamed it to “Carb heat / engine anti-ice” for the next version.

      Hope that works for you, if not let me know!

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