Version 2.0 (beta) – Lua scripting and open-sourced

Update: the first release did not include the required lua52.dll, which would result in a “module not found” error during startup. The functions for “Landing lights” and “Instrument lights” were also missing in the conversion. I’ve reuploaded the 2.0 setup to correct this, please download and run it again if you’ve encountered this issue!

I’m happy to announce the availability of G940 LED Control version 2.0!

This major update does not add any new functionality, but completely changes the way functions are implemented. For this reason I consider it a beta release; if you are having issues let me know and I’ll try to release a fix as soon as possible. You can always revert to the the previous 1.2 release to continue your flight in the meantime.

Now on to what’s new!

Lua scripting

Functions are now defined in Lua scripts. This means it is not only easier for me to add new functions for future updates, but it’s also possible to create customized functions or even add completely new ones if you’re familiar with Lua. All built-in functions have been converted and are compatible with the previous version, so your profiles should still work.

For more information about the scripting, documentation is available at:


Yes, G940LEDControl is now open-source! I have released it under the GNU General Public License v3.0. The main Git repository is located at with a clone being kept up to date at

Get it from the download page!

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