Flight Simulator 2020

With the release of Flight Simulator 2020 I’ve been getting questions whether it is supported by G940 LED Control. The good news is, it is!

Although there are reports of instability and slowdowns with SimConnect, Flight Simulator 2020 fully supports it. No changes were required to G940 LED Control to make it work, and I’ve had reports from users who’ve used it with success already.

In my own experience I did have two instances where Flight Simulator 2020 crashed and immediately quit to the desktop:

  1. When closing G940 LED Control while Flight Simulator is still running
  2. When changing button assignments mid-flight

Luckily these can be easily avoided by getting set up before starting Flight Simulator, at least until we’ve figured out whether this is due to reported SimConnect issues or G940 LED Control does need some changes.

Note that the icon in the top-right corner indicating whether it has detected Flight Simulator still shows “Flight Simulator X”, even when it is in fact connected to Flight Simulator 2020. This does not affect the functionality.