Version 2.0 (beta) – Lua scripting and open-sourced

Update: the first release did not include the required lua52.dll, which would result in a “module not found” error during startup. The functions for “Landing lights” and “Instrument lights” were also missing in the conversion. I’ve reuploaded the 2.0 setup to correct this, please download and run it again if you’ve encountered this issue!

I’m happy to announce the availability of G940 LED Control version 2.0!

This major update does not add any new functionality, but completely changes the way functions are implemented. For this reason I consider it a beta release; if you are having issues let me know and I’ll try to release a fix as soon as possible. You can always revert to the the previous 1.2 release to continue your flight in the meantime.

Now on to what’s new!

Lua scripting

Functions are now defined in Lua scripts. This means it is not only easier for me to add new functions for future updates, but it’s also possible to create customized functions or even add completely new ones if you’re familiar with Lua. All built-in functions have been converted and are compatible with the previous version, so your profiles should still work.

For more information about the scripting, documentation is available at:


Yes, G940LEDControl is now open-source! I have released it under the GNU General Public License v3.0. The main Git repository is located at with a clone being kept up to date at

Get it from the download page!

Version 1.2 – Prepar3D v4 compatibility

This version adds compatibility with Prepar3D v4. It should automatically detects which version is running and use the correct SimConnect version. Note that the status indicator at the top of the window will always say “Flight Simulator X” even if it’s connected to Prepar3D.

I have been unable to test this version with the Steam Edition, as I’m currently having issues getting that to start up. I’ve decided to release this version anyways for P3D users. If you do run into a problem please let me know, and install the previous version 1.1.6 as it is functionally identical.

Get it from the download page!

If you’re interested in the technical details; it turns out P3D v4 is not compatible with either the original SimConnect.dll, nor the version from the Steam edition, but does work with the FSX Service Pack 2 version.


Tail wheel lock and Water rudder have been added as new button functions.

Additionally, the search functionality on the button configuration screen has been fixed; the scrollbar now updates properly (no longer causing the list to appear empty), the selection is updated automatically based on what’s visible and the up/down keys can be used to change the selection.

Update added two more functions, ‘Float (left)’ and ‘Float (right)’, to show if floats are extended or retracted.

Get it from the download page!


More functions by request: in addition to the “Landing gear” function which works based on all gears combined, there are now four additional functions for the left, right, center and tail gear.

Gear functions

The status display has also been tweaked slightly as it was confusing for new users; instead of “Flight Simulator X: Disconnected” it now says “No buttons configured” when all the buttons are bound to the static colour functions.

No buttons configured

As soon as the first button is configured to an actual function it will show “Connecting…” followed by “Connected” (or “Failed to connect” if FSX/P3D is not running).

Get it from the download page!

Version 1.1 – Steam Edition compatibility

This version adds compatibility with the Steam Edition of Flight Simulator X. It should automatically detects which version is running and use the correct SimConnect version. If you’re having trouble, please let me know!

I have also added another requested feature: auto launch. In the configuration tab you can now select to automatically launch G940 LED Control when FSX starts up:


To go along with that, there are new options to have G940 LED Control minimize to the notification area and start up minimized as well.

When you start FSX for the first time after enabling the auto launch feature, FSX will ask you if you are really sure:




Happy flying!

Get it from the download page!

Version 1.0.8

This version adds the Pitot heat functions by request.

In addition to a basic “Pitot heat on/off” function I have also added a version which includes warnings. These are determined by the amount of ice formed on the pitot system, and will, by default, blink amber and ultimately red. Turning on the heat will stop the blinking and return the light to green once the ice has melted.

Get it from the download page!

Pitot heat