Version 1.0.7

This version adds two new functions by request; Throttle and ATC Visibility.

The Throttle function supports Off, Partial and Full, but is most useful for the Reverse state.

ATC Visibility was an interesting one, as SimConnect does not have a way to detect if the ATC window is visible or not. As a workaround, G940 LED Control will try to find a Flight Simulator view matching the title ‘ATC Menu’. For this reason it is marked as experimental: it may not work with translated versions of Flight Simulator X, and most likely does not work at all with Prepar3D.

Get it from the download page!

Version 1.0.5

This version adds the “All lights” function as requested. However, I have also included a new feature I’ve been working on:

Switching profiles within Flight Simulator

This feature is experimental, but I’d love to hear your feedback. To turn it on, go to the new Configuration page:

Screenshot - v1.0.5

Without the cascading setting, it will look like this:

Screenshot - v1.0.05

And if you turn cascading on, it will look like this:

Screenshot - v1.0.05

Get it from the download page!

Version 1.0

After way too many hours of rewriting, I proudly present version 1.0 of G940 LED Control!

If you haven’t followed the development updates, here’s a short list of the new features:

  • Multiple profiles
  • Configurable colors for each state
  • Automatically connects to the G940 and Flight Simulator X

A word of warning: with so many changes under the hood it’s likely that I broke something. I consider this version very much beta. I’m hoping to hear from you what works and what needs improvement. Version 0.6 is still available on the Download page if you want to go back to a more stable version.

The new main interface.

Screenshot - v1.0

The new button configuration interface.

Screenshot - Button configuration

Get it from the download page!

Version 0.3.1

  • Added an option to (automatically) check for updates.
  • If the aircraft doesn’t have flaps or spoilers the corresponding light stays off.
  • Slightly tweaked the red zone for handle positions to accomodate for the maximum analog travel. The red light will now show at 95% instead of 100%.

Get it from the download page!